The only shots we get are the ones we can no longer make.

  1. Rounder bodies fill the lanes on defense, forcing the outside shot more (see #4).
  2. Lack of conditioning means that the one or two guys that actually run “fast break” on offense are always outnumbered with an opposing team that is still on defense from their own lack of running the court…once again, forcing the outside shot (see #4).
  3. Even without a fast break, when one or two people run the court on offense, they get sick of waiting for their teammates to catch up, and nobody gets under the rim for a solid 45 seconds……so…..they take the outside shot (see #4).
  4. Nobody plays enough anymore to consistently make outside shots.
  5. For the one guy that gives it everything he has to drive the daggum lane, you better believe he’s going to take the Michael-Jordan-tongue-hanging-out-the-mouth-off-balance-yelling-as-if-fouled-rather-than-passing-to-the-open-guy-with-a-well-known-no-chance-in-he** shot to reward himself for his effort.