About Me

My name is Ashok Aggarwal. I live in the United States and my hobbies include sports (especially soccer, basketball, and tennis), theology, reading (articles, not books), and technology.

From a professional perspective, I most enjoy making positive impacts and driving change in organizations of all sizes and industries. I fulfill these goals as a Managing Partner and co-founder at both M&S Consulting and Intermed Labs.

From a community perspective, I most enjoy creating a better world for the future which I feel strongly must focus on high quality and thoughtful education, especially for our youth. I was a co-founder and Executive Director at TEKids, which is now part of STEM Our State (SOS) where I help advise the students running that organization.

I used to write more here years ago, but I write here in spurts. Some of my articles have begun to move more to the M&S Blog and Quora as well as my more formally published works in magazines, books, and newspapers. But my most significant works typically remain in draft form for years, just as do my thoughts. This remains the place where I write quick quips (mainly my own thoughts and quotes these days) that don’t make it into Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

I Love You.

All Family Members at Ashok's Family

Please let me introduce you to Ashok Aggarwal. With Ashok helping you, I can assure that you are in good hands. (Introducing Ashok to team at customer site).

Senior VP at M&S Consulting Partner Company

One of the biggest reasons you should want to work at M&S is getting the opportunity to work with Ashok. (Colleague during multiple interviews).

Architect at M&S Consulting

Dad makes the best crepes.

Child at Ashok's Family

I want to do well, not just to help me a this point, but also because I believe in you and want to help you. (During annual review feedback session).

Consultant at M&S Consulting

Sir, you are doing something extraordinarily special here. You have no idea the kind of positive impact you have had on my son and our family. (After TEKids culmination event).

Parent at TEKids