I don’t want to forget how to remember how to get meta in to help others remember how to think. – Ashok Aggarwal

This is probably the closest I have come to having a quote that I think could possibly sound darn cool in a big time movie. Either way, I do hope it does its job for anyone that comes across it. We do a lot less thinking these days where downtime is filled with audio/visual stimulus (typically from a mobile device of course).

PS: I’ve always found it interesting how one of my
all-time favorite dishes (tonkatsu donburi, aka katsudon) has so many layers. I think it goes meta on me…and I always like getting as many flavors and textures as I can in every bite.

PPS: Did you know “katsu” is a Japanese homophone for the verb “katsu” which means “to win”. I do feel like I’m winning something when I eat pretty much any type of katsu dish.