Couldn’t sleep and been getting into soccer with #WorldCup…so, naturally?, I thought to pull out these old Sambas I have been lugging around since high school (I think they actually are that old and just stayed in decent condition since I never wore them given the soles were separated from the uppers), got some shoegoo, and “fixed” them (I hope) so I can do _________ (aka, whatever I want) in them.

24 hours from now (when it dries), you can expect to find me in these juggling a ball somewhere).

It also occurred to me that this now completes for me the elusive trio of copas, mundials, and sambas that I never previously had in my possession and in working condition at the same time. I will use the heck out of all 3. (And I will promptly move to the end of the shoe rack those fancy predator indoor shoes now that these are hopefully back for a while!)