Ashok Aggarwal
Good and wrong vs bad and right. It can be argued that everything is one of those. But truth is neither. Moreover none of those four words exist in the realm of truth. Truth is nestled directly between them, typically hidden out of sight, and whose existence requires a level of faith resembling that of a belief in the supernatural, the same level of faith required in unconditionally believing in those you care about most. In fact, it is this faith and belief that impacts truth itself, its existence, its profoundness, and its power.
You might call the last few lines the Heisenberg uncertainty principle of faith and truth.

From Wikipedia:

The uncertainty principle has been frequently confused with the observer effect, evidently even by its originator, Werner Heisenberg. The uncertainty principle in its standard form actually describes how precisely we may measure the position and momentum of a particle at the same time — if we increase the precision in measuring one quantity, we are forced to lose precision in measuring the other. An alternative version of the uncertainty principle,[9] more in the spirit of an observer effect, fully accounts for the disturbance the observer has on a system and the error incurred, although this is not how the term “uncertainty principle” is most commonly used in practice.