I have summarized the 10 dimensions as described by the video and interpreted by me below:

1. Length – a line
2. Length + Width – an impossibly flat object
3. Length + Width + Height – every object we can perceive; our world — an example is a human
4. Introduction of Time – imagine a single perceivable object in the 4th dimension is of indeterminate size and shows your entire life span
5. Introduction of Possibility – we introduce all the possible life spans you could have led in the 5th dimensional object
6. Our universe’s Infinity – all possibilities from the beginning to end of our entire universe accessed at an instance without travel; as an example, even in the 4th or 5th dimension, you would have to “travel” an indeterminate “distance” (though there is no such notion distance as we know it in dimensions that encompass time) in order to access a place in one of your possible life spans — in the 6th dimension, they would all exist at once
7. Introduction of other universes – imagine other universes with different laws of physics and altogether different foundational beginnings
8+9. Ability to travel “instantly” between different possible universes (similar to 5+6)
10. As our universe’s infinity became a point in the 7th dimension that allowed us to branch to other universe’s infinities, so all the infinities of all universes became a point in the 10th dimension. However, it is unclear what that could possibly branch to. So, in my mind, the 10th dimension is not well defined.

You may want to watch, think about this for a few days, and then come back to watch it again. It is just one way of describing 10 dimensions in layman terms, but I believe it will help formulate a thought process you can engage your mind with. I think you will find that you have already postulated some of these concepts during your own personal contemplation.