These are all branded names of web browsers. I have been using FireFox and Chrome for a few years now. I only use IE7/8 for enterprise application development that requires compatibility with those browsers. After seeing such productivity gains myself by switching to the fastest browser available, I am starting to look into introducing FireFox into enterprises. It has certainly occurred to me that a quick description of a web browser is in order.


1. A program on your computer, just like Microsoft Word
2. For Windows, Internet Explorer (also called its acronym, “IE”) is the default browser. If you don’t know which browser you are running, you are likely running IE.
3. At its basis, a Web Browser takes a web addresses (also called a “URL”) like as its input, and outputs the result on the screen, which is typically a web page.
4. There are four main Web Browsers on the market:
– IE (Closed Source by Microsoft)
– FireFox (Open Source)
– Google Chrome (Open Source by Google)
– Safari (Closed Source by Apple)

I found the following video to further help exemplify and provide another learning medium. I hope you enjoy it: