I am just at a complete loss as to why I can’t sort emails in Outlook by the sender’s domain name. As much as I use searching and search folders, as well as color-coded rules, I use sorting once I get to a point where I have a reasonable number of results to look at. And I am simply fed up after 7+ years of using Outlook everyday that I have never been able to sort by the sender’s domain name. I have even gone through the trouble of writing my own formula to display the sender’s domain, but I can’t sort by my own formula field…

So, I want to know 2 things:

1. Is there anyone else that finds this to be as annoying as me (and/or would find this feature to be incredibly useful)?
2. Does anyone know of a way to make this happen (yes, I will even pay money for code, instructions, or even to have an add-in built)?

I happen to think there is simply no better email client on the market, but this one little feature request has eluded me for years.