I like watching, analyzing, and talking about college football…might as well add writing about it to my list…

I’m not sure what aspect of college football most draws me in, but I have to commend the crazy polls and ranking structure that is used. As unfair or strange as it might seem, I really believe that is the main reason why many fans get so sucked in (perhaps including myself).

In either case, this article is to talk about what I feel are the main 3 ways a college football game is won:

1. Offensive Line
2. Overall Defense
3. Quarterback/Wide Receiver Combinations

I haven’t seen a college football team win consistently and convincingly without a dominating offensive line. I believe the stats for quarterbacks and running backs alike are 90% based on the quality and heart of their offensive line. This, to me, is the most important way a college football game is won.

…more to come…