I have just found out that Sprint has changed my phone number without me asking for it!?  I could no longer make outgoing calls from one of my phones, so naturally, I called Sprint.  I also jumped into my online account to see if something had been shut off.  I realized that one of the phone numbers had actually changed.  This is a number I have had for OVER 5 YEARS at Sprint.  I was completely amazed that they did not have a real explanation nor were they readily willing to give me a credit for the trouble.  Moreover, the phone number is now “gone” and I can’t have it back.  Chances are that someone else now has it!????????

I normally don’t use my blog as a place to complain about a vendor’s service, but this one seems so blatant and strange that I could not resist.  I have to wonder if this has happened to anyone else, ever, with any phone provider.  I am still in shock!