It seems people still have a notion that “dedicated T’s are the pinnacle of data telecom service.  Why buy a dedicated T1, T3, etc. when alternative technologies are reaching/surpassing their performance for a fraction of the cost?

  T1 T2 Cable/DSL Verizon FIOS T3
Download Speed Can Reach (kb/s) 1,544 6,312 8,000 30,000 44,736
Download Speed Can Reach (kB/s) 193 789 1,000 5,592 3,750


Note 1: Cable/DSL speeds are listed at somewhat of a maximum of what people are seeing today.

Note 2: Upload speeds for businesses that are hosting technology can be an important consideration, and Cable/DSL providers typically limit the uploads speeds significantly.  Verizon’s FIOS, on the other hand, starts with 2,000 kb/s and goes up to 5,000 kb/s for upload — still quite a bit faster than a T1.