In an article by the New York Times about the Vonage versus Verizon litigation, the following was said:

The court could hear Vonage’s appeal on the injunction next week, said Susan Pan, a partner who specializes in patent law with the firm Sughrue Mion. She said Vonage likely has a 50-50 chance of winning its case on appeal.

“If you think of a patent as a fence, the lower court has viewed it as covering a large area like an entire acre,” she said. “It’s possible on appeal that the federal circuit will say that the patent actually only covers two-thirds of that acre. And the other one third could be the area where Vonage is operating, which would mean Vonage isn’t infringing.”

Did you know that 42.89% of statistics are made up on the spot?  How the reporting and/or the interviewee went from a 50-50 chance to a fence covering 2/3 of an acre seemed like a really funny read.  And I usually like the quality of the NY Times articles…

In terms of Vonage versus Verizon, I am listening intently.  This is a very interesting business, legal, technology, and intellectual property battle.  I am currently a Vonage customer, but not sure how much longer I will be one – either by choice or force.