Some of you may remember the old commercials with the egg…

“This is your brain…”

(and then then egg on a fryinf pan)…

“This is your brain on drugs…”

(and then the serious question)

“Any questions.”


Well, all this still exists — it’s just a little more high tech 20 years later: 


And American capitalism may just have the answer:

I wonder if the Blackberry is more addictive than the other PDA and/or smartphone devices?  I have to admit that I see more people addicted to their Blackberries than I do to, say, their Palm Treos.  Although the iPhone will likely not integrate into business email as Blackberry did (since they say they do not sync with Microsoft Exchange, which is the premier enterprise email platform), I am curious to see if iPhone addiction can possibly overtake Crackberry!  And if you switch from a Blackberry to another device with the same or more usage, I think the addiction will have to be named something a bit more generic.