George Burns is attributed with the following quote:

“Don’t stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed.”

Many of us know the legacy of George Burns (I hope all of us do).  He was a famous actor who lived to 100 years of age (1886-1996) — and I can’t remember ever seeing him without a cigar in his hand.

The thing that provoked me about his quote, however was its content, but also the date in which he died.  It might have been absurd to think one could make money in bed when he said this, but in today’s technology and Internet age, anyone would quickly recall someone they know (or have heard of) who makes a ton of money working “out of their bed” either as a virtual employee/contractor for a business, one who makes money with the web all day (with their own revenue-generating site, a web-based application, etc), or as an online day-trader.

George Burns saw a lot of things in his 100 year life, but even he might surprised at where we have gotten with technology and people being able to “make money in bed” without having to seriously sacrifice moral values.