If you haven’t tried it, you really should: http://maps.google.com.

I have been using Google Maps to find businesses for a while now because it is fast and I can see an AJAX-draggable map right when I find them.  I used to pick up my cell phone and call them right afterwards, but now, I don’t even have to dial their number.  Google Maps will remember my phone number and I can click one button so that Google can connect me with the business.  For free.  Now, that rocks!

For people that get charged or have limited long distance calls, the soft savings expand to hard savings.

Also, when the call comes into your phone, caller id shows up with the actual phone number of the business you will be speaking with (rather than some random or meaningless number).  So, just “add to address book” if you’d like when the call is over.  This really is a cool service.