Aggarwal’s Law is the adage that states for every physical human experience, over time, humanity invariably tends towards choosing a virtual version(s) of the experience.

A simple, yet profound example is the “virtual” nature of asynchronously reading written word to gather information being the preferred method for gathering information over synchronously listening to spoken word as was the case for so many generations.

Another example is playing a soccer video game on a television/computer screen over playing soccer outside with friends.

Further examples include:

  • Listening to an album with headphones playing on your phone over attending a live concert
  • Preferring a conversation with a customer service chat bot over a real human
  • Preferring texting over talking on the phone
  • Preferring talking on the phone over face to face communication
  • Preferring seeking advice from an AI over a real live person
  • Preferring video conference meetings over in-person meetings