After seeing such wildly different options and prices for 13 gallon kitchen trash bags at Target yesterday, my head spun. So I did some research and made a table of the best options out there: Glad ForceFlex, Kirkland (Costco), Member’s Mark (Sam’s Club), Hefty, Husky.

I’m not sure if Glad (which is what I have been using) pays people to write reviews, etc., but others such as Member’s Mark and Kirkland seem to be a better bang for the buck over the other brands (all that seems to really matter is the um — which is written on every box — when determining the quality/thickness of a bag). It seems the better bags are generally rated over 22¬†um. Hope this helps some people save some money and frustrations.

Brand/StoreProductGallons?m~Price/Bag~Price for 200 bagsImage
Member's Mark (Sam's Club)Member's Mark Power Flex1322.8$0.078$15.68
Kirkland (Costco)Kirkland Signature Flex-Tech1322.8$0.088$17.69
GladGlad ForceFlex Plus1318.3$0.093$18.54
HeftyHefty Ultra Strong1322.8$0.103$20.60
Great Value (Walmart)Great Value Strong Flex1322.8$0.113$22.62
Up & Up (Target)Up & Up FlexGuard1320.8$0.160$31.98