“What should I spend my time doing?”  We ask ourselves this question everyday as we plan and schedule.  Certainly, we even ask this of ourselves every nanosecond within our subconscious.  However, my interest is not with routine matters.

I am interested in this question, the answers, and the thought processes which drive those answers at the macro-level: the level that drives one’s life in general.  Many people do ask this question at this level, but not nearly enough spend appropriate time thinking about it or actually answering the question.  Further, very few people take actions to get closer to making the answers a reality.

I believe this is a question that anyone who is looking to continually improve their career — and life in general — should explore.  Naturally, the answer depends on many variables.  One of those variables is time, and thus it should be re-asked on a fairly regular basis. 

Although answers will vary, I believe the thought process that leads to the answer is something worth discussing, and perhaps even recommending for those who find themselves lost from time-to-time (that “lostness” includes all of us as we find ourselves in new territory constantly throughout life — know-it-alls need not argue this point, since you can’t tell me you have already been as old as you will be tomorrow).

I don’t have time to play a full game of psychologist, so for now, I would like to open the forum with just reiterating my suggestion that each person take time to:

  1. Ask yourself “What should I spend my time doing?” for life in general
  2. Document the thought process (variables) that lead to your answers
  3. Answer the question (make plans)
  4. Execute on the answer/plans; if you find a gap with your current situation, start taking steps to make positive changes
  5. Break your life down into smaller chunks and repeat 1-4 until you get as detailed as desired/needed

At some point, we may get to a point where people sharing their approach to answering — for that, #2 may one of the most valuable, while also being the least private/intrusive to share.